Selecting funeral merchandise is on of the most important steps when arranging a funeral service. The casket or urn you choose to hold your loved one’s remains is the final place that they will rest. We are proud to offer beautiful, high-quality funeral products to families.

In Pictures Memory Board


Presenting our Funeral Display Board, ideal for entrances and wakes, available either as a stand-alone item or alongside our coordinating Order of Service booklet.

This exquisite display board features a grid format that accommodates a curated selection of your favourite photographs, offering a beautiful means to share cherished memories and narrate your loved one’s life story. We suggest choosing photos spanning various ages, capturing different aspects and milestones, creating a focal point for reminiscing and sparking conversations that might unveil previously unheard stories.

The photo board is available in a choice of two sizes:

A1: 840mm x 594mm

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