Selecting funeral merchandise is on of the most important steps when arranging a funeral service. The casket or urn you choose to hold your loved one’s remains is the final place that they will rest. We are proud to offer beautiful, high-quality funeral products to families.

The Gardener


The Gardener Funeral Order of Service, themed around gardening, is an ideal celebration of life for a devoted gardening enthusiast and serves as a beautiful keepsake for family and friends. A contemporary alternative to traditional order of service formats, The Gardener offers a fitting memorial for a gardening lover. The outside and inside covers depict a garden scene, featuring tools, vegetables, and space for three personal photographs. The thick, uncoated cover and luxury weight text pages provide the top-quality finish it merits. Add a unique touch with your loved one’s name on marker sticks.

Include readings, hymns, and details about your loved one in this gardening-themed funeral order of service. We strive for it to be as unique as the special person you’re commemorating. The photographs offer family and friends a glimpse of unseen moments, rekindling memories and stories to share.

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